Registration as a Community Housing Provider enables SSI Housing to operate as a managing agent in the residential rental property market. We manage an ever-expanding portfolio of properties and landlords can be assured that property management is our core business.

Our attention is focused on matching tenants to properties, property care and maintenance, tenant compliance and well organised administrative systems.

Management fees

SSI Housing charges flat management fees with no hidden costs. There are no extra charges related to the recruitment of new tenants, administration of leases, handling disputes or even Tribunal attendance.

Maintaining occupancy levels

Surveys have shown that periods of vacancy as a result of high turnover of tenants is the biggest cause of stress for landlords.

SSI Housing does not charge the standard property management fee of one week’s rent every time new tenants are recruited. We also have a broad community base which provides a large catchment for tenants.

Repairs and maintenance

Maintaining the quality of the properties we manage is a priority for SSI Housing. At the commencement of every tenancy we provide tenants with a Repairs and Maintenance fact sheet* and go through it with them, indicating the extent of their maintenance responsibilities and carefully delineating the types of repair that are their responsibility and those that are the landlord’s. We are extremely conscientious with Condition Reports and back them up with photos.

Where tenants are not able to pay for a needed repair that is due to tenant damage, SSI Housing has the capacity to cover the cost and will enter into our own repayment arrangement with the tenant. 

Tenancy dispute resolution

SSI Housing Officers have smaller property portfolios to manage than their counterparts in real estate agencies and have the time to work preventatively with tenants who are having difficulty paying rent or are not meeting their maintenance obligations.

Because SSI is working holistically with tenants-supporting their needs outside of housing–positive relationships are formed that mitigate against many of the issues that lead to disputes.

Yet we understand that it is equally proactive to make recourse to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal when necessary. SSI Housing follows a comprehensive set of policies and procedures for dealing with all situations.

SSI Housing’s property management fee covers all costs for preparation and attendance at the Tribunal.